Color for Kids is on the move, into more schools and classrooms - stop in here to see where we are now! 

What's going on

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Mission of color for kids

Here you will find printable forms, letters, and tips to help make your own color collection easy! 

color shared

To promote individual expression and creativity through color, of children in high poverty schools, enrolled in grades pre-k through four, by providing personal art supplies. 

I am a fifth grade student in Pennsylvania, and I LOVE art and COLOR of any kind!! When I found out that not all kids have their own box of crayons, I got very upset, and I wanted to do something to change that.  I started collecting all kinds of art supplies to send to kids who don't have their own and began a program called 'Color for Kids'.  Hundreds of amazing people have donated to my program, and I am sharing COLOR with kids all across the globe.  My hope is that one day, all kids will have a way to create with color.   

 Together, we can color up the world!"


In August 2016, Color for Kids became Color for Kids Inc and was approved as an official non-profit organization by the IRS.

​A list of what color supplies have been collected, and where it has been sent (updated monthly) 

"My dream is for every kid to have their own box of crayons"