​Where color has traveled ...

     York, Alabama

     Bronx, New York

​     Dundee, Mississippi

​     Yonkers, New York

     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

     Lafayette, Louisiana

               ​Levittown, Pennsylvania

     Billings, Montana

     Indianapolis, Indiana

     Gonzales, Louisiana

     Fort Myers, Florida

     Kathmandu, ​Nepal

     Reading, Pennsylvania

​     Gainsville, Florida

     Gulfport, Mississippi

     Lakewood, California

     Mt Bethel, Pennsylvania

     Parrish, Florida

     Mission, South Dakota

     Manhattan, New York 

     Easton, Pennsylvania

​     Baton Rouge, Louisiana

​     Lumberton, North Carolina

     Lakewood, California

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513,708 Crayons

100,194 Markers

102,372 Colored Pencils

1,413 Construction Paper Packs

2,988 Glue sticks

2,314 Bottles of Paint

305 Tubes of Finger Paints

1,046 Bottles of Glue

2,049 Watercolor Paint Sets

2,361 Paint Brushes

4,627 Drawing Paper Packs

9,498 Coloring Books

2,338 Sketching Pencils

169 Color Wonder Paper Pads

528 Color Wonder Markers

815 Crayon Sharpeners

632 Boxes of Chalk

​1,360 Scissors