"Thank you so much for delivering coloring books, crayons, markers, glue sticks and more to the children in my class today!  They were so excited to receive these materials, and I know they will be very excited to use them at home..."

~Ms Maller, Pre-K teacher, Bronx, New York

I love the pictures send from Ms Critelli's class in Billings, Montana!




Some of the letters and gorgeous pictures created by Mrs Finkelstein's class in Philadelphia, PA.

Some of the awesome artwork and thank you cards sent to Color for Kids, all the way from Nepal!! 

I read, and save, EVERY SINGLE beautiful letter and picture that is mailed to me!  

"...Thank you so, so, so much for coming to Fairmont. The kids loved all of the art supplies, and couldn't stop talking about it!..." 

~Mr Kirchmann, special education teacher, Bronx New York

"...Their creative genius has been inspired and ignited! Thank you so very much for making them smile and feel happy...They loved, loved, loved their COLOR explosion...!!" 

~Mrs Tatum, 5th grade teacher, Alabama

Thank​ you letters and artwork from Mrs Kane's class in Billings, Montana

Beautiful art made by Mrs Guidotti's classes at Barton Elementary and Buchannan Elementary Schools in Levittown, PA