Color for Kids Letter - ​Perfect for sending home with students

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Color for Kids Introduction Letter - Good for telling friends/co-workers about Color for Kids.

Starting a Color for Kids, color collection in your class, school, office or business, is actually very simple.  Below you will find a link to the "Color for Kids Slideshow" - feel free to forward this to friends and family, or show in your classroom. Then you can print the sample letter (also below), to either send home with students, which is a good way to explain to their parents what they have been invited to participate in, OR you can just print it, and hand out to friends, clients, or anyone else you feel may be interested in supporting the sharing of Color to kids. Lastly, let everyone know where they can bring their Color supplies.  A simple box, in a central location, is perfect.

Once your Color collection is complete, call or email me (see contact page), and we can arrange for either pick-up or shipping.  Then comes the super fun part ~ delivery! ... We share all pictures and thank you's, so that you can see all the smiles that you helped to create.