My brother Lincoln, and I, had fun in north Philadelphia, with Mrs Finkelstein's 1st grade class!!​

Being silly with Ms Rhea's

kindergarten class 

Ms Harris and her first grade class ~ Reading, Pennsylvania

Handing out COLOR to kids in Bronx, New York

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Mr Chappelear's 1st grade class in Reading, PA was full of awesome kids who LOVE art. I had so much fun visiting them! 

Some of the great first graders that I got to meet and share color with in Reading, PA

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Packing up color for 'Sweet Cases' ~ a charity for children in Pennsylvania, that provides duffel bags of fun, personal items, to kids entering foster care. It gives them something to call their own.  Color for Kids, has partnered with them, to be the color provider for these bags! Every kid will

get a coloring book, crayons,

markers and colored pencils!


If you have a few minutes please stop by NGN's website to learn more about the amazing work that they do...


Some of the smiling 2nd graders in Mrs Wright's class at Sheridan Academy; Bronx, New York

Mrs. Kane's smiling artists in Billings, Montana!​

Smiles made in NEPAL!!!  29 children rescued from child trafficking, by NGN (Next Generation Nepal), are enjoying some fun, new COLOR supplies!

Making friends in Miss Beth's kindergarten class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Me with Mrs Finkelstein 

Ms Lucca's kindergarten class in Philadelphia 

​​Mrs Hall's Class in Alabama, trying out their new coloring books and crayons!